About Our Programs

Paradosi Ballet Company is a contemporary Christian ballet company that offers one of a kind worship experiences around the United States and Internationally.  Our main focus with our dancing is worship and evangelism but we do present story ballets on occasion based upon Biblical truths. 

Our heart is not to be seen as entertainers but rather as worshippers surrendering the gifts that the Lord has given us back to Him in praise!   We hope that the audience members who already have a relationship with Christ will join with us in worship and that those who do not know Him may wish to know where our joy comes from and desire it for themselves!

No matter what programs we are presenting during a season, we hope that the Lord will touch every heart in attendance and will use us as instruments of His love!!

Full-Length Programs

  • 45-minutes to 1 hour
  • A full program usually includes video testimony and or live testimony from one of the dancers, a member of the congregation, or a religious leader.
  • A message from a local pastor or one of the dancers is also shared during most programs. 
  • The dancers are available to pray with attendees and staff at the end of the program.

Short Sets

  • We can present as few as one song or as many as nine songs to fit the needs of your worship service, school assembly, fundraiser, worship night, or outreach event to name a few. 
  • Most of the songs in our current repertoire range from 4-minutes in length to    7-minutes in length. 
  • The dancers are available to pray with attendees and staff at the end of the  program.

Program Duration & Content

Will you dance with the accompaniment of a live band?

Yes we will.  We will need a recording of the song in advance exactly as it will be played on the day of the program.  In addition we will need to run through the song with the band a minimum of two times on the day of the program.

Will you dance to a song of our choosing not in your repertoire?

Yes we will; however, we will need a minimum of two months to set the choreography and to rehearse.

Our stage does not meet the minimum dimension requirements in your booking packet.  Can we still bring you in our a program?

In many cases the answer is yes.  We can rework the choreography of some of our songs to work in smaller spaces or in non-standard stage configurations.  We can also cut songs to create shorter sets if needed.  

In circumstances where we cannot make a space work we often advise sponsors to look at local school gyms, auditoriums, cafeterias, or to partner with another neighborhood church to present a community programs.

Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

All rates listed on this website and in literature are the suggested minimum honorarium to bring Paradosi in for a worship program.