Paradosi Ballet Company has a long standing tradition of educating the next generation to not only excel in dance but to grow deeper in their love for the Lord.  Each year Paradosi teaches numerous dance workshops and master classes in our home state of Washington and while on tour throughout the US.   Each class is designed to challenge your students technically, artistically, and spiritually while encouraging them to grow!   

Whether you would like the entire company coming to teach classes or just a few company artists we would love to talk with you!! 

Classes Currently Offered

  • Pre-Ballet through Advanced Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Pre-Pointe
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Kinesiology / Injury Prevention
  • Stretch and Strength
  • Nutrition
  • Conditioning
  • Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

As well as offering:

  • Creative Worship Workshops
  • Student Question and Answer Sessions
  • Teacher Question and Answer Sessions
  • In Studio Performances by Paradosi Ballet Company

If there is a class that you are interested in that is not listed just ask.  Each of our dancers have been pursuing dance training for twelve to twenty-eight years and are skilled in numerous dance and fitness forms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age ranges and skill levels of the classes that you teach?

Paradosi teaches students from the age of 3 through adult with no upper age limit.  We can teach ballet classes for students with no training on up through the

collegiate / professional level.  We will cater the class to fit your students skill level.

Will you travel to teach a dance workshop?

Yes we will travel to teach a workshop.  Paradosi often teaches workshops while on tour and we have also sent teams of teachers to other parts of the country to teach classes.  If we will not be in your region on tour, meals, accommodations, and transportation will be in addition to the booking rate for the workshop.

Who keeps the money collected from the students for the dance workshop?

You do!  We have a pricing sheet for dance studios and universities with the amount listed covering the ministries needs.  You pay us the flat fee and keep anything above the tuition you receive.  Please note: The dance studio rates are for single day workshops.  If you would like for us to teach on multiple days please contact us to discuss your situation.