We are so thankful that our Heavenly Father has been tugging on the hearts of business leaders to come along side the work of Paradosi.  We are actively seeking sponsors to cover the costs of outreach events, tours, vehicles, portable staging, and program equipment. 

If your business is interested in paying for advertising which would support Paradosi please contact us today to talk about the possibilities!


  • Teeter Engineered Fitness Solutions

    We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Teeter for their generous support in 2017.  Their advertising dollars helped to cover the costs of our 2017 Benefit Fundraiser which raised over $14,000 in one night!  

    In addition Teeter generously donated fitness equipment and an inversion table to help our dancers maintain their strength and flexibility. 

    Thank you Teeter!!

  • Multicare

    In 2017 Multicare donated a weightlifting fitness center to Paradosi for our dancers to use to build their muscle strength to help prevent injury. 

    Thank you Multicare for your donation!!

  • Simmons Automotive

    We want to extend a special thanks to Simmons Automotive for taking care of our vehicle maintenance and repair needs! They have gone above and beyond in helping to keep us on the road!