Gifts in Kind

As Paradosi Ballet Company and Surrendered School of Dance is a 501(c)(3) Organization your gifts whether financial or Gifts-In-Kind are tax-deductible.  If you have anything of value that the ministry can either use or resell to purchase things that we do need we can offer you a tax-receipt for your gift!  In the past we have had furniture, professional audio equipment, fitness equipment, computers, a hand-truck cart, and more donated!  Every gift is precious and helps to keep us going out to share the Gospel!

Below are a few specific things that we would love to have donated:

  • 12 to 15 Passenger Van or Shuttle Bus

    We have outgrown our shuttle bus and are in need of a 12 to 15 Passenger Van or Shuttle Bus for use by the Trainee Company, School, and Touring Company for local programs. 

    When the Touring Company and Trainees do programs together we need to take multiple vehicles to events increasing our fuel expenses.  Additionally the Trainees are doing more programs on their own at assisted living and retirement centers and need a vehicle to get them to these programs.   The vehicle needs to be 15 passengers or fewer so that it can be driven without a commercial drivers license as we only have one driver with a CDL on staff.  

    If you have a running 12 to 15 passenger van or shuttle bus sitting in your yard and would like a tax deduction for your donation, please contact us today!  

    We are also accepting monetary donations specifically to purchase a van. The minimum we need for a high mileage van is $5000.  If you would like to contribute to the van fund, please send us your donation with a note designating where the resources should be applied. 

  • Stage, Lighting, & Sound

    We are in need of stage equipment to enhance our programs visual impact.  The vast majority of our equipment has been donated from churches and ministries where they have already exceeded their useful life or have been replaced by the most current equipment.  We will gladly accept any old stage equipment that you would like to donate.  If we cannot use or repair the equipment for use we will sell the items to purchase what we do need. 

    Some examples of equipment that we are looking for:

    • Lighting Fixtures: Any
    • Audio Equipment: Any
    • Stage Effects: Hazers and Fog Machines
    • A Portable Stage
    • Pipe & Drape

  • Motorhome

    Having a motorhome at our disposal would change how we tour around the US and Canada forever.  We would not be dependent on host-homes for every nights accommodation, we would cut our lodging expenses drastically on nights where we do not have host-homes, our food expenses would be greatly reduced as we could prepare meals on the road verses purchasing all of our meals, and our drive time would be reduced by hours each day in not having to stop at rest stops ever few hours.    

    Perhaps you have a motorhome that you no longer use or have inherited a motorhome and would like to find a good home for the vehicle.  If so please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • 18 - 30 Passenger Shuttle Bus

    Thanks to the generosity of a few special friends of the ministry we have a BUS!!!! Thank you for listening to God's call to provide this ministry with a safe vehicle to send us out into the world to share the love of Jesus!!!