• Larissa  Bischoff

    Artistic Director

    Eugene, Oregon

    Larissa started dancing at the age of three at Hosanna Dance Studio in Eugene, Oregon. At an early age Larissa knew that she would one day dance for Jesus but life took her down a different path away from the God she loved. In December of 2010 Paradosi danced in Eugene while on tour and Larissa fell in love with the ministry. During the outreach event, Larissa felt the Holy Spirit stir within her telling her that she was to leave her past behind and to go dance with Paradosi. Larissa immediately auditioned for the ministry and was asked to join Pardosi in the Fall of 2011 as the ministries first Trainee. During her early years with the ministry, she was taken under the wing of the ministry's founder, Tennille Carver, who mentored and encouraged her growth as an artist, spiritually, and as a leader. Larissa's passion for the Lord has continued to grow each year and using dance in ministry has only intensified her love of God. Through the good and difficult seasons God was faithful and continued to grow Larissa's heart and mind as an artist, minister of His gospel, and as a leader.  Before accepting the position of Artistic Director, Larissa served as the ministries Trainee Director and Discipleship Director. Her main goal as a leader is to love on the dancers in her care while drawing out their individual gifts and talents encouraging them to grow in those areas and to use them for the glory of God!

  • EmmaLeah  Resleff

    RÉPÉTITEUR Company Artist

    Puyallup,  Washinton

    EmmaLeah has been a part of Paradosi's school and ministry for the past decade; first as a student in Surrendered School of Dance, later as a Trainee with Paradosi, and now she serves as a Company Artist and the Répétiteur with the ministry.   EmmaLeah has a passion in her heart for dance and making Jesus known. She feels privileged to be able to praise His name with dancing and to declare His truth boldly to the world!

  • Kayla  Hamilton

    Company Artist

    Corona,  California

    Kayla began dancing when she was five-years old in Southern California but did not become serious about pursuing ballet until she was twelve. When Kayla was sixteen, she was given the opportunity to become a substitute teacher at her studio which she gladly accepted. While her mother had always encouraged her to "dance for Jesus", she struggled with the idea of how dancing could be used to help her enter into worship with God. During the summer of 2021, Kayla attended Paradosi's summer dance intensive and during this time God opened her heart to how she could enter into His presence through her dancing. Once she started opening her heart while dancing to God, her mental health greatly improved and her relationship with the LORD was strengthened. Kayla is eager to further growing in her relationship with God as well as improving her dancing while with Paradosi.

  • Haley Griess

    Company Artist

    Kent,  Washington

    Haley began her dance training when she was four years-old at The British Dancing Academy in Kent, Washington where she completed ten-RAD examinations. After graduating from high school, she continued her dance training at Surrendered School of Dance before auditioning to join the ministry. In 2021 Haley was accepted into Paradosi's Apprenticeship Program and she is ecstatic to be a part of this ministry. She is grateful for this opportunity to dance with Paradosi where she can freely share the hope that she has in Jesus with others through dance. Haley is in awe of God's great love and faithfulness that has been clearly evident throughout her life. Haley praises God for His steadfast love and for the joy that He has given her.

  • Cambria Best

    Company Artist

    Spanaway,  Washington

    Growing up in Tacoma, Cambria had many opportunities to watch Paradosi dance in worship which always inspired her. In her early years, she performed and choreographed many expressive sign language pieces at her church. Cambria did not start her ballet training until the age of eleven at Surrendered School of Dance. After graduating high school, Cambria felt called to use dance in ministry and in the late Spring of 2021 she auditioned to be a part of Paradosi's Apprenticeship Program. Being a part of a company so full of love and adoration for the Lord has been a dream come true for Cambria. She is so excited to plant seeds in other people's lives the same way that Paradosi planted a seed in her life!

  • Hannah Franco


    Canoga Park,  California

    Hannah began dancing at the age of three at Christian Performing Arts Center in Northridge, California. She loved dancing and training in an encouraging and worshipful environment that her studio provided for their students. In this school Hannah was presented with opportunities to use dance as a ministry tool and at the age of fifteen she began teaching classes at her studio. It was during her teen years when God put the desire on her heart to serve Him with her dancing instead of using it for her own personal gain. After this revelation she began to love dance even more and in a much deeper and purer way than she had ever known. Hannah allowed God to guide her steps and in time He brought her to serve and train with Paradosi. Hannah is very excited for what He has planned and in what ways He will grow and use her in the season ahead.

  • Hannah Hall


    Orange, California

    Hannah grew up training through Bethel Ballet Academy and Dance4Joy Ministries in Southern California. At an early age she discovered that ballet allowed her to meditate on God’s truth and opened a door for her to communicate with him while dancing. Dancing in Christian studios gave her an outlet to pour out her praise and gratitude to God in a way that her words could not express. Hannah treasures the opportunity to present the gospel through dance and is looking forward to sharing the joy and peace that God brings with others in new ways, whether it be through teaching, performances, or outreach events.

  • Emmy Bodhaine


    Graham,  WASHINGTON

    Emmy grew up in Orting, Washington in a home and family devoted to the pursuit of God. She was exposed to Paradosi Ballet Company and the use of ballet in worship and ministry at a very early age and it always fascinated and excited her. From her earliest memories she remembers seeing the dancers come and lead worship at her church, and how she knew that this was what she wanted to do. Emmy began dancing at the age of nine at Surrendered School of Dance and quickly fell in love with ballet. She continued to dance at Surrendered School of Dance rising up through the levels while never losing sight of her love for God and her desire to worship Him through ballet.

  • Bella Durham


    Puyallup,  WASHINGTON

    Bella began dancing at the age of five at the YMCA and later Surrendered School of Dance. She enjoyed dancing but never took it seriously and after a few years decided to take a break from dancing. When Bella returned to dancing at SSD, she could feel her teachers immense love and care for their students and how they wanted them to excel in their passions. During this time she discovered that through her dancing she could worship her Creator wholeheartedly. During her time in the school, God completely transformed her into a new person, healing her heart, and opening the door for her to grow in her faith. Bella is overjoyed for the opportunity that she has been given to worship her Lord through dance and to share with others the love that God has so beautifully shown her throughout her life!

  • Hannah Smuland

    Guest Dancer •  Trainee-Apprentice

    Grand Forks , BC

    Hannah was born and raised in Grand Forks, Canada and began dancing at the age of seven. After taking ballet classes locally, she began looking for a Christian dance studio with values more in line with her beliefs.  When she was not able to find any local Christian dance studios, she began a search online and found Paradosi's dance school, Surrendered School of Dance. During the shutdowns of the pandemic, she began taking ballet classes online with SSD.  After learning about how Paradosi used dance as an instrument of worship, Hannah began to dream about how her love of dance could be combined with her faith.  After graduating high school, Hannah was offered a short-term opportunity as a visiting student artist in the Apprenticeship Program to train with Paradosi allowing her to explore the possibilities of using dance in ministry.