Please make sure to read through this section when preparing your audition video.  Audition videos must be completed in the following order and will only be accepted with all four sections being present in your video; incomplete videos will be rejected.  

  • Please wear only a leotard and tights for the class portion of this video.
  • We would prefer for audition videos to be submitted online with your application via a link from YouTube or Vimeo.  Please do not submit your video via other social media platforms.  
  • If you wish to submit your video by mail, please send your DVD or flash drive to:

Paradosi Ballet - Auditions

4020 S 56th Street, Suite 105

Tacoma, WA 98409


Introduce Yourself

  1. Your Name
  2. Age
  3. Where you are from


Technique Class

Section A: Barre Work

Please film barre work from the side, rotating combinations on the right and left side.  This portion of the video should be no longer than ten-minutes.

  1. Plié combination
  2. Tendus and dégagés from fifth position
  3. Ronde de jambe
  4. Développé en croix
  5. Grand battements

Section B: Center

Please film Center from the front.  Combinations should be demonstrated both right and left. This portion of the video should be no longer than 10-minutes.

  1. An adagio including a balance, arabesque line and developpe
  2. Petite allegro
  3. Grand allegro

Section C: Pointe

  1. Échappés with en-dehors pirouettes
  2. Diagonal turning combination ending in relevé arabesque balance


Classical Variation en Pointe

  • Your choice


Worship Solo

  • Some of you may never have had an opportunity to use dance in worship.  To help you to explore this avenue of praise, we ask that you create a worship solo to share your heart in whatever style is meaningful to you as an act of praise.  
  • Your worship solo should be set to a work of worship music that is personally meaningful to you.  If invited to come for an in person audition, you will be sharing your solo during the audition.


All applications must be submitted with the following two photos: 

Photo 1:  Headshot

Photo 2:  Full body dance photo in 1st arabesque en pointe