Is the application and audition process different for Apprentice and Trainees?

  • The application and audition process is the same for the Trainee Program and for the Touring Company
  • Paradosi has positions open for both Touring Company Apprentices and Trainees; however, placement as an Apprentice or Trainee is at the sole discretion of the Directors of Paradosi Ballet Company.  

If I apply to join will I be accepted?

  • Not everyone who applies or who is asked to come for an audition will be accepted into the Trainee Program or Touring Company.  Applicants will be assessed on their technical dance abilities, artistry, and spiritual maturity by the staff of Paradosi.  Your application, references, testimony, personal audition, and prayerful consideration will be utilized in our decision making process. 

What are the minimum age requirements to audition?

  • Applicants may audition at 17 years of age but must be at least 18 by the start of the season in September.  If you will be turning 18 after the start date but before the end of December, please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.

What is the age range of Paradosi's dancers?

  • Most of our dancers have been between 18 and 35 years of age.  While we do not have an upper limit on age, our Trainee Program is geared towards dancers right out of high school or college between 18 and 24 years of age. 

What is the commitment length for Trainees and Apprentices?

  • Trainees commit on a year-by-year basis.  The Trainee Program is a two year program but some complete the program in one-year and others in three-years.  Apprentices are full-time volunteers in the ministry and commit to serving in the ministry on a year-by-year basis.  The apprenticeship starts in August when the Touring Company season begins for the year and runs through the end of our summer dance intensive or international outreach tour in July. 

Do trainees and apprentices pay tuition?

  • Trainees pay tuition but Apprentices do not.  The tuition for trainees is $2,500 US per year, which equates to $250 per month September through June.  Tuition is due by the 5th day of every month. Tuition rates may change slightly in future seasons and will be discussed before your audition.

How are Trainees and Apprentices financially supported?

  • Ministry members are responsible for their own living expenses.  Some members receive support from family and friends while other work part-time jobs to cover their living expenses.  Many to the ministry members work at retail stores and restaurants in their off hours to support themselves in their calling while others teach dance at our studio and others in the region.  Accepted applicants are encouraged to start seeking financial support and saving funds prior to joining the ministry in order to reduce the amount of hours that they may need to work to cover their expenses during the year.

Where do Trainees and Apprentices live?

  • Ministry members are responsible for finding and paying for their own housing. Most of the ministry members live in apartments or houses with other members of the ministry.   Some members also choose to find a host home from their local church to live. If accepted into the program we will provide contact information for all of the members of the ministry so you can connect to find roommates.  Trainees and Apprentices are not allowed to live alone and must live with at least one other ministry member for safety and accountability.  

Will I need a car or can I just use public transportation in Tacoma?

  • Unfortunately the public transportation in Tacoma is very poor.  Members of the ministry will need their own car while they are with the ministry.

May I take college classes while serving and learning with Paradosi?

  • Absolutely! We have had many members of the ministry take college courses in their free time, mostly online, as their schedule permits. Please keep in mind that due to performance schedules, especially in December, we strongly encourage ministry members to not take a full-load of courses while serving in the ministry.  

Will trainees perform?

  • Yes! Trainees minister at local retirement homes, assisted living centers, schools, and other venues throughout the season.  Trainees may also have the opportunity to dance with the Touring Company during the Christmas season and during other events.

What does the schedule look like for a trainee?

  • Trainees will have dance and discipleship classes Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 3:00pm.  They will also be involved in outreach programs and special events on some evenings and weekends as well as learning to teach dance one night per week in the Paradosi's dance school.  The day starts with devotions, followed by technique class, lunch, then either alternate dance and fitness classes,  pointe, rehearsal, Bible study, or ministry training.  


  • All applicants should be self-professing Christians with a desire to share the love of Jesus through the arts
  • All Trainees and Touring Company members will need to agree with the ministries Statements of Faith 
  • All ministry members are required to regularly attend a local Christian church of their own choosing

Male Applicants

  • While the ministry is currently comprised of all female dancers, the program is open to male applicants as well.  However, for housing and accountability requirements, we must have a minimum of two male dancers accepted into the program at the same time.  Applications from male dancers will be kept on file for six months and if additional qualified male dancers apply you will be contacted to begin the audition process. 

International Students & Applicants

  • As Paradosi is not a registered trade school and does not have the proper credentials from the government for accepting International students, we cannot assist you in obtaining a Visa to be in the United States.  
  • If an applicant is already in the United States with an appropriate Visa already having been secured for another purpose, Example: school or work, they may apply for the Trainee Program with the understanding that they will be participating in the program strictly as a hobby. Again we cannot assist you in obtaining a Visa to be in the United States.
  • Our friends in ministry at Ballet Magnificat! in Jackson, Mississippi are already set up to take International students directly and we encourage you to apply for their program.
  • International students may attend our annual summer dance intensive while visiting the US on vacation.