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2020-2021 Trainees

  • Emmaleah resleff

    Puyallup, Washington

    EmmaLeah began taking ballet classes at the YMCA before continued her training at Surrendered School of Dance. Over the course of several years the Lord placed a passion in her heart for dance. Eventually a desire grew to use dance as a way to show Christ to others and glorify Him. EmmaLeah is excited to be a part of this ministry and see where this next season leads.

  • Hayden FOng 

    Roseburg, OregoN

    Hayden grew up in the small town of Roseburg, Oregon, where she began dancing at age seven at Chitwood studio of dance. At a young age, God put a calling on her heart to use dance as a vessel for His love. Hayden loved to use use her gifts to choreograph dances for her church and community events throughout the years. After graduating and attending college for a year, God called her to be active in her pursuit of the passion He had laid on her heart. She moved to Washington to further her training at Paradosi's Christian studio, Surrendered school of dance, where she continued to grow during the next 2 years. She is so excited to be with Paradosi this season and to let God use her dancing for His glory!

  • Jennifer Anzilotti

    Wasilla, Alaska

    Jennifer started dancing at the age of twelve in a secular dance studio. As she trained in this environment, it has not occurred to her that dancing could be used as an act of worship. As Jennifer grew in her relationship with the Lord, her eyes were opened to the realization that she could worship God in every area of her life, not just through signing. Worshiping through dance for Jennifer is like a prayer when her lips cannot find the words to speak. Her hearts desire for her time with Paradosi is for the Lord to use her to lead people in worship and to open peoples hearts to the truth of the Gospel.

  • Mikayla Holmes

    Brush Prairie, WASHINGTON

    Mikayla began dancing at the age of three, but did not learn how dance can be worshipful and honoring to God until ten years later. Once she became a Christian, dance played a large role in her development as a young disciple. It taught her how disciplining her body and mind can be for the glory of Christ. While she found personal fulfillment in dance, she realized that it was also meant to be shared with others and serves as a unique ministry approach that goes beyond words, cutting straight to eye catching beauty and emotion. Mikayla dances, because it is her heart's desire to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.