We love to share God's message of love with the next generation!  When we present a program at a school we want the children to see how great our God is and how beautiful the gifts are that each of us possess.  

When we present a program at a school we usually share a brief message that draws the students into asking themselves: How can I use my gifts and talents for the Lord?   We want each person in the audience to realize how special they are, how much our God loves them, and encourage them to use their gifts to worship, glorify, and to serve Him!  Just imagine.. your students loving one another on the ball field, students being servants in the classroom to one another, someone dedicating their painting as a gift to God's greatness!  We have a unique opportunity to pour into your students lives in a way that may change their future.   Thank you for considering bringing us in to share with your students!

School Program Information

Paradosi presents programs at schools between September and May of each touring season both at home and while on tour.  

Program Length

  • We can present anywhere from one or two songs during an assembly to a full hour program at most schools during the academic year.  Our songs vary in range from four-minutes to seven-minutes so we can cater our set to fit whatever length of program that you need. 

Cost of a Program

  • While we do not require an honorarium for Kindergarten through 12th Grade programs, any gift that you can give will help to offset the expenses of these programs and the ministries general overhead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do we need to request a program at our school?

The further out that you request from the date of the program the greater the chance that we will be able to add your school to the calendar.  Two to Three months out before the program is ideal; however, we can sometimes accommodate a last minute program with as few as two weeks notice.  

Unfortunately we cannot accept all requests for school programs but if they fit in our schedule and our budget allows, we would love to share with your students. 

Are there any other requirements for us to bring you in for a program?

We do have specific staging requirements but can often work around these requirements in schools.  If a stage is not available we are often able to dance in a gym, cafeteria, or library.

We often request that healthy snacks and bottled water be made available for the dancers  (i.e. fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese, etc)

If we are on tour, we may ask for assistance with accommodations and meals. Usually sponsors will secure housing in the form of homestays with faculty members and trusted families from the school.

If we will be giving an honorarium, what is an appropriate amount?

When we receive an honorarium from a school it typically falls in the $200 to $400 range; however, any amount is welcome and appreciated.

Do you dance at Public Schools or only for Private Schools and Homeschool groups?

Yes, we do dance at public schools when the doors are opened to us.  When we are at a public school we are usually not allowed to share our faith but the music we use is Christian and Gospel focused. While we are not allowed to share our faith directly, we are allowed to ask questions and inevitably the students end up sharing their faith with other students.