During this season the entire world is being effected by this pandemic emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. There are many needs in the world right now and as we pray for our ministry partners we also need your prayers and support during this season.  

As a valued member of our ministry family, you can appreciate the impact that this pandemic has had on the financial health of Paradosi.  Non-profit organizations like ours do not have contingency plans in our budget for emergencies such as the one we are all facing; our resources overwhelming go directly into ministry.   We live by faith trusting that God will speak to the hearts of individuals to provide for our needs.  During this season we are leaning into Him trusting that He will blow us away with His provision through people like you!

In light of needing to cancel bookings from March through the Fall and losses of tuition from our school we are now being faced with decisions that will effect the ministry and its members through the end of 2020 and into 2021.  

Even with our operations being scaled back, we still have financial obligations to meet and staff to support. Gifts of all sizes will help to offset losses incurred, keep employee benefits intact, and fund our return to full-time ministry when it is safe to do so. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us in ministry during this pandemic to ensure that we can continue to meet our obligations and take care of our staff during this season.  

We want to make sure that we can continue to be a blessing to many, resume our normal operations as quickly as possible, and that our people are taken care of during this time.  

Thank you for your prayers and consideration!
Grace & Peace,
Jeff & Larissa Bischoff



Did you know that a provision was made in the CARES ACT that will allow you to make a donation to nonprofits such as Paradosi for up to $300 as an individual or $600 as a Married Couple Filing Jointly even if you take the Standard Deduction?!?  This provision in the CARES ACT will allow you to take the Standard Deduction on your 2020 Taxes and STILL DEDUCT YOUR GIFT to the ministry as an above-the-line deduction!

Please take advantage of this opportunity to help this ministry during the pandemic!

What we are doing during the pandemic.

Since the start of the stay at home orders we have had to shift to online ministry and training from home.   As we are not able to dance together in person, our main emphasis has been on our school.  We have been filming and streaming classes for the students in our school, other studios, and most recently for children in a foster care program within Washington.  We want to be as much of a blessing as possible during this season to as many as possible!  With our ability to continue teaching; the children are the ones we can have the greatest impact on at this time!

Before social distancing was put into place we had the opportunity to film a custom piece, Death Be Not Proud, for the Good Friday service at Anchor Church in Tacoma.  The piece is continuing to minister to people online and is growing in interactions. 

We are also using this time to be creative and preparing for the season ahead!  Some of our dancers are currently working on new Choreography so when we are able to resume in the studio, we can start putting fresh pieces on the Touring Company and Trainees right away!  

It is our hope that as soon as we are able to return to the studio, we will be able to start producing new video content and lived streamed worship events to be used by churches and to bless as many people as possible online until this pandemic has passed around the world. 

We are moving forward with open hands listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to how we can be of best service for the Kingdom!  Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry!

501(c)(3) Nonprofit

As a faith-based organization, we depend on God working in the hearts of people like you to provide the support we need in our evangelistic efforts to reach more for Christ through the arts. Our dancers are all full-time volunteers who have a passion for the Lord and making Him known. Together we exist to Worship God, Love People, Share the Gospel, and to Make Disciples of Jesus Everywhere We Go but we cannot do this without your help. 

Currently we have about half of our base financial needs being met through consistent monthly giving but we need more people like you to come along side the work of Paradosi.  By supporting this ministry with regular prayer and financial support you are helping to fulfill the Great Commission by sending us out to proclaim the name of Jesus to the world! Matthew 28:18-20

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in ministry in the year ahead!!! Together we can reach the world for Christ!

Financial Statements for donors are available on Guidestar.