As we enter 2021, we are so grateful for all of the support that we have received in the past year.  Your gifts have helped us to navigate these difficult times while providing the means for us to share the love of Jesus both online and in our local community. Thank you for hearing the call and providing for us!

While we are far from out of the woods with this pandemic, we are still moving forward with the gospel work that we are called to do.  Currently we are back in the studio after a brief fitness facility lockdown creating new dances to share online and in local churches.  As soon as shelters, retirement communities, schools and other outreach opportunities become available to us we will head back out!  Our ministry partners are eager for us to return and we are so looking forward to the day when we can return to all of these important venues. 

We are also at work pouring into the lives of the students in our school.  As of February 1st we are returning to both online and in-person learning.  While there are still heavy restrictions on what we can do in the studio, we are excited to have the opportunity to work with our students in person again.  We will continue to teach online classes through the end of this school year and may continue doing so into the future.  Currently we have active students in Africa, India, and Canada tuning in and participating in our ballet classes each week!  Without this pandemic we may have never had this opportunity to reach students in other parts of the world!

During the upcoming months we need your continued financial and prayer support to see us through this season.  Even with vaccines being approved, we do not anticipate a return to normal operations until sometime in the Fall.  We will continue on but we need your support now more than ever.  Our end of the year giving campaign helped to boost our emergency reserve but we still need around $1,500 per month in additional support to cover our base needs.  

We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us in ministry during this season to ensure that we can continue to meet our obligations and share the name of Jesus in the year ahead through the arts!.  

Grace & Peace,
Jeff & Larissa Bischoff

Checks may be mailed to our studio at:

Paradosi Ballet

4020 S 56th Street, Suite 105

Tacoma, WA 98409


Motorhome •Class C • Sleeps 6+

We have been actively praying about acquiring a motorhome for the ministry during the past few seasons and we feel that 2021 is the year where we are to start pursuing this goal.

Having a motorhome will open up doors for us to share the Gospel across North America allowing us to go further and to more locations that may not otherwise be accessible to us.  A motorhome will cut down on travel time, lower food expenses, and cut down on housing housing costs significantly.  

After looking at the used market in our region, we will need to raise between $22,000 - $35,000 for a low mileage Class C that will sleep 8.   We have already set up a special savings account for donations towards this goal. Anything remaining after acquiring a motorhome will be used for upcoming tours and outreach events.

Motorhome specifications: 

  • Class C
  • Sleep 6+ (8+ preferred)
  • Under 80,000 miles preferred
  • Gas or Diesel

If you have a motorhome that you would like to donate; we can issue a tax receipt for your gift at the fair market value. If you have something different than listed please let us know; 

501(c)(3) Nonprofit

As a faith-based organization, we depend on God working in the hearts of people like you to provide the support we need in our evangelistic efforts to reach more for Christ through the arts. Our dancers are all full-time volunteers who have a passion for the Lord and making Him known. Together we exist to Worship God, Love People, Share the Gospel, and to Make Disciples of Jesus Everywhere We Go but we cannot do this without your help. 

Currently we have about half of our base financial needs being met through consistent monthly giving but we need more people like you to come along side the work of Paradosi.  By supporting this ministry with regular prayer and financial support you are helping to fulfill the Great Commission by sending us out to proclaim the name of Jesus to the world! Matthew 28:18-20

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in ministry in the year ahead!!! Together we can reach the world for Christ!

Financial Statements for donors are available on Guidestar.