Paradosi has ongoing needs throughout the year from emergency situations through evangelistic opportunities outside of our normal budget.  We know that some of you like to give to specific needs within the ministry and the following are just a few of the things that we need during this next year.  Please prayerfully consider providing support towards one of these needs.

  • $500 COSTUMES • We have a new volunteer costume mistress who is volunteering her time to create new skirts for the touring company and trainees. While the labor is free, the materials are not.  We have been using the same gray skirts since year one of the ministry and they are starting to show their age from heavy wear, stains, and being altered to fit new members of the ministry. These new skirts will last the ministry for many years to come and will hide soiling better than the light gray that we have now. 
  • $350 SHOE DRIVE • We need to purchase shoes for the second half of the season.  Each pair of flat shoes cost an average of $16 and lasts anywhere from 1 day to 2 months depending on the number of performances and the surfaces being danced upon. Our goal is to purchase each of the touring company members 3 new pairs of flat shoes for our upcoming spring programs.   We will need an additional 8 - 12 pairs of shoes for each dancer during our summer outreach tour.  
  • $21,000 INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH TOUR • We are fundraising for our next international outreach tour for the summer of 2020.  This amount will cover airfare, ground transportation, meals, accommodation, and outreach supplies.  The dancers are working to raise individual support and the ministry will be contributing a portion of all honorariums received for the remainder of the season but we need additional help to reach our goal to ensure that we can go.  
  • $250 OUTREACH MATERIALS • We need to replenish our supply of outreach Bibles and tracts. 
  • $300 - $500 REFURBISHED REFRIGERATOR • Our studio refrigerator is very old, leaking water on the floor, and not big enough for our current needs.  We hope to  replace the refrigerator before the summer with a new or newer large capacity refrigerator.  
  • $5,000 VAN • We are in need of a used 10 - 15 passenger van.  We have outgrown our current vehicle and need a second van for use by the Trainee Company & School Dance Ensemble for programs at nursing home, assisted living facility, rehabilitation centers, and schools. The van will also serve as a backup if the touring company's vehicle is in the shop for repairs.  A second vehicle will ensure that we can get to all of our programs together and safely.