Ways To Give

  • Give online via credit or debit card through our giving platform PushPay.  The link to our giving platform will open in a new tab. 


    Or copy and paste this link into your browser:  https://pushpay.com/g/paradosiballet

  • When giving by mail, please send your check or money order to:

    Paradosi Ballet

    4020 S 56th Street, Suite 105

    Tacoma, WA 98409

    • Please make sure to make checks payable to: Paradosi Ballet.  
    • If you would like your gift to go to a specific fund, please include a note with how you would prefer your gift to be used.  If no fund is specified, we will apply your gift to the area of the the greatest need.

    Examples of Funds:

    • Operations
    • International Missions
    • US Outreach
    • Scholarship Fun
    • Motorhome Fund
    Thank you for your generosity and partnership with us in ministry!!!
  • Text the word: paradosi to (833)245-8424

  • There other ways that you can support the work of Paradosi Ballet than giving money to the ministry!   

    Gifts In Kind

    One way you can support the ministry is through donations of gifts-in-kind such as vehicles, real estate, collectibles, and other items of value that may either be used by the ministry or sold with the proceeds going to support the organizations needs.  Donors will receive a tax-receipt for the fair market value of items donated.  

    Examples of donations we have received include: Audio Systems, Artwork, Collectibles, Stage Lighting Equipment, Photography Equipment,  Fitness Equipment, and business donations of goods and services for raffles and auctions.

    Shopping Links

    By using our shopping links you will be supporting Paradosi without any out of pocket expense to you.  Whenever you use these links to do your normal shopping, Paradosi will receive a small percentage of each sale from these companies!  

    General Shopping

    • Amazon Smile When prompted to add a charity, please search for: Paradosi Christian Ballet

    Dance Clothing & Supplies
    • DiscountDance.com  If asked for a code please enter: 34978  New customers will receive a discount at checkout. 

    Christian Businesses

Ministry Needs

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.”  Matthew 9:37-38

During the past two years we, like many other ministries, have seen a downturn in monthly giving.  While our regular monthly support has declined, God has continued to provide for the ministry through one time gifts from individuals like you that have helped to make up a portion of the difference!  

We are so grateful to everyone who has stepped forward during this time to ensure that the ministry continues to thrive in the season ahead!!   

Currently, we need to raise our monthly support by $850 per month to restore us to our pre-COVID operating budget.  Every gift no matter what the size helps to make a difference! 

Thank you for prayerfully considering a partnership with in the Gospel work that we are doing through your one time gift or regular monthly giving!

Special Giving Needs

While Paradosi relies upon regular monthly support and one time gifts to cover our operating budget; we also have special giving needs that will help to send us out into the world!   If your heart is pulling you towards giving to a specific need in the ministry, we would love to hear from you!   Thank you for your prayerful consideration in supporting our special giving goals in the year ahead!

North America Outreach Tours

Motorhome Fund

Special Giving Need • RV Goal #1: $25,000

Special Giving Need • RV Goal #2: $35,000*

Funds Raised as of 12/01/2021: $11,651

We have been praying about a motorhome for the ministry for the past few years and now that we are slowly emerging from the pandemic we feel that this is the season where we are to actively pursue this goal!!! 

Having a motorhome as a tool in the ministries toolbox will be an essential part of our ministry as we start to come out of the pandemic.  

A   motorhome  will help to open doors for us to share the gospel of Jesus throughout North America for many years to come. We want to go to where the people are and to the places where a ministry like ours may never otherwise have an opportunity to share the hope of Jesus through the arts.  

A motorhome will serve as our base of operations while on the road opening up more territory while reducing our travel time, meal expenses, and housing expenses while on the road. 

We have been looking at the used RV market in our region and have set a fully-funded goal of $35,000 to purchase a used lower mileage motorhome.  When we reach the $25,000 mark in fundraising we we will start looking for an RV but with how hot the used RV market has been and modifications we will need to make to the vehicle to make it work for touring, we anticipate needing the fully-funded goal to make this happen. 

Thank you for your prayerfully considering supporting this goal as we prepare for this next chapter in the life of the ministry! 


Select Motorhome from the dropdown menu. 

If you have a motorhome in good operating condition that you would like to donate to the ministry, we can provide you with a tax-receipt for the fair market value of the vehicle and put it to use immediately! 

*We will start looking at RV's when we reach the minimum fundraising goal.  Most used RV's in our region that meet our needs start around $25,000 +Tax and Licensing. We anticipate the full  financial need to purchase an RV falling between $28,000 to $35,000.  If after purchasing a RV we have funds remaining in the account, they will remain there earmarked for tour use specifically for modifications to the RV to add bunks if needed, RV maintenance, and other direct costs associated with tours such as fuel, campgrounds, and food while on the road..  

International Outreach Tour

Summer of 2022

Special Giving Goal: $24,000

Amount Raised as of 12/01/2021: $11,500.55*

*We need to raise a minimum of $16,000 by March of 2022 in order to send a small team.

Throughout the ministries history we have embarked on International Outreach Tours sharing the hope of Jesus through the arts.  In 2020 we had planned to return to Europe and started our fundraising but due to the pandemic, our plans were placed on hold.  

We are currently praying about returning to Europe during the summer of 2022 and we will need your help to go!   Our partners are eager to have us return to help them in their Gospel work and we pray that we are able to join them again this summer. 

With the funds that we have already raised from the canceled 2020 tour and missions gifts received in the interim, we are almost half way to our goal!  

To learn more about the evangelism work that we do overseas, please visit our Global Evangelism page.

Global Evangelism

To give towards our Missions Fund in support of our International Outreach Tours, please select the Missions Fund from the drop down menu or mail your gift to our studio.

Missions Fund Donations

We are seeking ongoing support for our missions fund.  Any funds received for international outreach will remain in this fund to be used for this and future outreach tours.  We want to go to wherever God is calling us to share His message of hope and we need your help to go! 

Thank you for prayerfully considering supporting the gospel work of Paradosi this year and into the future! 

Surrendered School of Dance Scholarship Fund

Since 2009 Paradosi has operated a dance school, Surrendered School of Dance, as a part of our vision to teach and reach the young helping them to grow in their relationship with God and to use their gifts to glorify the Lord.  Our dance school is open to all in the community regardless of their beliefs and serves as our local outreach throughout the year.   

We want to bless as many children in our communities as possible and do not want financial resources to be a hinderance to any child who wants to take dance classes with us.   With this in mind we offer needs-based tuition assistance, military tuition assistance, and financial assistance to  children in the foster care system through Olive Crest.  This tuition assistance is often offered with no funds available to replace what we are granting.

In 2020 we provided over $2,000 per month in financial assistance to families in need while receiving $2,930 in gifts pledged for the school during the entire calendar year.

We need partners who want to come along side us in reaching the next generation for Jesus through the gift of dance.  

To learn more about our school please visit: www.surrenderedschool.org

If giving online please select Surrendered School of Dance from the drop down menu.  If giving my check, please write SSD on the notes line. Thank you for your consideration in helping us to bless the children in our community. 

501(c)(3) Nonprofit

As a faith-based organization, we depend on God working in the hearts of people like you to provide the support that we need to share the Gospel of Jesus through the arts. Our dancers are all full-time volunteers who have a passion for the Lord and making Him known. Together we exist to Worship God, Love People, Share the Gospel, and to Make Disciples of Jesus Everywhere We Go but we cannot do this without your help. 

By supporting this ministry with regular prayer and financial support you are helping to fulfill the Great Commission by sending us out to proclaim the name of Jesus to the world! Matthew 28:18-20

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in ministry in the year ahead!!! Together we can reach the world for Christ!

Financial Statements for donors are available on Guidestar.