Our heart as a ministry is for sharing the hope of Jesus with those who do not have a relationship with Him.  One of the areas where we have seen the greatest kingdom impact is when we tour internationally.  When we share on the street corners of Europe, people are drawn to the light that is being shone in the darkness. People see the joy on the dancers faces, the beauty of their dancing to worship songs in both English and their native tongue, and they are curious about why we would travel so far to speak with them on the street.  We have built a strong network of churches, missionaries, and outreach teams in Europe, primarily in France, and we feel called to go and come along side our brothers and sisters in Christ in the work that they are doing to be salt and light in the communities where they live and serve. 

Please prayerfully consider supporting our Missions Fund to help us to go out into the world to share the love of Jesus through our worship, the sharing of the gospel message, and the power of our testimonies of God's great love!  

Your gifts will be held in our Missions Fund and will be used for housing, meals, airfare, ground transportation, travel insurance, dance shoes (we go through a lot when dancing on the streets), and outreach materials for distribution while on tour. 

Why use the arts in ministry?

We have found that the arts have the ability to cross cultural, social, language, and economic boundaries like no other medium.  The people of Europe, especially in France, have an immense appreciation for the arts and artists who practice their art well.  When Paradosi is dancing during outreach events, there is a noticible change in the atmosphere that causes many to stop, watch and listen.  They don't understand the peace and joy that they are seeing and feeling.  Many have broken down in tears while others have started to ask questions; questions that will change their life forever.  We feel so privileged to be used by God to make room inside people for the Holy Spirit to open their hearts to hearing the life giving and life changing message of the hope that we have in Jesus.  

We feel that now is the time to proclaim the name of Jesus more boldly than ever to the nations!  We feel called to travel more often and to more places sharing the love of Jesus through the gifts that He has given us in dance. 

Paradosi frequently shares the gospel in France and Switzerland during major arts festivals along side local missionaries and international church partners in Avignon - France, Montreux - Switzerland, and Paris - France.  We have seen and experienced the impact that we and our partners have made on the streets of Europe and are excited to be a part of the work that God is doing there to call people back to Him!!!  

While our primary international focus has been in Europe, we are open to going to wherever God is calling us to share His message of Hope.   Each year we prayerfully consider when and where we are to focus our efforts.  We have received requests from nations in South America, the South Pacific, Africa, and Asia.  When the season is right and resources allow, we will follow to where God leads us.  

In this season we hear the call to return to the vital evangelistic work taking place in France, but we need your partnership with us through prayer and financial support to make this outreach tour happen.  Please prayerfully consider supporting Paradosi as we prepare for our next international outreach tour.  


A Call to Evangelism

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation!"

Mark 16:15


Tour Needs

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International Outreach Tours

  • 2011 • Team | France
  • 2012 • Company Outreach Tour | France
  • 2013 • Team | France
  • 2014 • Team | France
  • 2015 • Company Outreach Tour | France & Switzerland
  • 2019 • Company Outreach Tour | France & Switzerland
  • 2022 • Team | France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria