as of March  1, 2022


June 26 through July 2, 2022

Audition Video Required

for Dancers Ages 18+

After careful consideration we have made the call to cancel this years Collegiate & Pre-Professional Summer Dance Intensive the week of June 20 - June 24.   However, we are opening up a limited number of spots for dancers ages 18+ during our intensive the week of June 26 through July 2, 2022.  

Dancer's ages 18+ will still need to submit an application with a required video as outlined below for approval.   

Adult dancers will need to be dancing at a level that would place them in Paradosi's upper level during SDI.  Please do not make travel arrangements or secure housing until you have heard back from us on the status of your application.  Dancers ages 18+ will be responsible for their own housing,  breakfast, and transportation. 

As we have a limited number of spaces for adult applicants this year,  not all applications will be approved.

We will respond within two-weeks of receiving your completed application.  If your application is not accepted, we will refund your registration fee. 


    • Standard Application Fee $35: (Closes on May 20, 2022)
    • The tuition for the Intensive is $495 and includes lunch, dinner, and materials. 
    • If your application is accepted for the intensive we will send you an invoice for the tuition via Square. 

    *Please note the following when filling out your application:

    • Do not use autofill when filling out your application as it may result in an error when you submit your application.  
    • Please have your required photos and video links available when you start to fill out your application. 
    • If you will be submitting your Activity  Waiver online please have that filled out and ready to upload in PDF, JPG, or PNG

  • Please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and set to unlisted.  

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at: larissa@paradosiballet.org 


    You do not need to film a full class but we do need to see the elements listed below.  

    Part 1: Your Information

    At the beginning of your video please:

    1. State your name
    2. Age
    3. Where you are from

    Part 2: Ballet Technique Class

    Section A: BARRE 

    Please film barre work from the side, rotating combinations on the right and left side. 

    1. Plié 

    2. Tendus from fifth position 

    3. Ronde de jambe 

    4. Développé en croix 

    5. Grand battement

    Section B: CENTRE

    Please film Centre from the front. 

    1. Adagio

    2. Pirouettes 

    3. Petite allegro 

    4. Grand allegro 

    Section C: POINTE (If you are not currently dancing en pointe it will not disqualify you from attending.  You will just be dancing those classes on flat.)

    1. Échappés with en-dehors pirouettes 

    2. Diagonal turning combination

    *If you have prepared an audition video within the last year for other auditions that covers most of the requirements, please feel free to submit that video to us.  Please do not submit dance reels. 

  • Dancers who are invited to participate in the Collegiate & Pre-Professional Intensive will be required to secure their own housing, transportation, and breakfast during the intensive.

    Housing Recommendations That We Have Used: 


    Public transportation is very limited around our studio.  We recommend either driving to the intensive, renting a car, or utilizing Uber and Lyft.  


    The local airport is SeaTac (SEA) which is a 35-40-minute drive from our studio.   Please note that during peak commuter times it can take 1-1.5 hours to get to the airport. 

    Train Station:

    The local Amtrak train station is in Downtown Tacoma  (TAC) which is a 10-minute drive from our studio.

    *If you want to share housing and local transportation costs with other participants, please let us know on your application and we will add you to a group contact list of others wanting to do the same.  There are no guarantees that we will be able to connect you with other participants interested in sharing expenses. 


Paradosi's summer dance intensive is the last opportunity for dancers to audition to join the ministry during the following season. 

  • The first step in the process of Auditioning during the intensive is to let one of the Director's know that you would like to audition.

    You do not need to know before coming if you will be auditioning to join the ministry or not.  In the past we have had dancers come to our intensives with no intention of joining the ministry but during their time here, God spoke to their hearts and they ended up joining the ministry.  If you are already here during the intensive and would like to audition, please speak with one of our Director's to let us know that you are interested. 

  • Auditioning during the intensive involves having a meeting with the Director's where you will hear more about the heart of the ministry and how Paradosi operates.  During the meeting you will also have an opportunity to ask more questions about the ministry.  This meeting is as much about you getting to know us as it is about us getting to know you. 

  • For dancers auditioning during the intensive there is an additional short written requirements to finalize your application.  You may provide your responses in advance if you know you will be auditioning or you may complete this section while you are at the intensive.  

  • As finding housing for our dancers typically occurs between June and the middle of July, dancers auditioning during the intensive will have a very short window for accepting any offer given to them to join Paradosi's Trainee-Apprentice Program or Company Member positions.  

    • We will notify applicants within 3-days after the end of the intensive of an offer to join the ministry. 
    • Applicants will then have 4-days to talk with their families and pray about their decision before we will require a response.  

    We are sorry for the short turn around time but it is necessary in order for dancers to connect with roommates and secure housing before the start of the season.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to getting to know you!