I missed the first day of classes; is it too late to register my child?

Not at all!  Registration is open throughout the year.  You can register online, call, or come by the studio to enroll your student in classes.  

Can I register at any time? 

Yes!   Classes are held from early September through the end of May and enrollment is open throughout the school year.  As long as a class is not filled to capacity, you may register at any time.  Please keep in mind that students that enroll after March 1st will not be eligible to participate in the Spring recital. 

Why is tuition the same amount every month even though some months have fewer classes than others?

Surrendered School of Dance charges an annual tuition fee based on a 32 week season running September through June that is adjusted to account for holidays and breaks.  The annual fee is divided into equal monthly payments to keep things simple so you will know exactly how much tuition will be each month.

Will my child have any performance opportunities? 

Yes!   Each year we have a Spring Recital in early June to showcase all of our students hard work from the year!  If you would like your child to participate in our Spring Recital, they must be enrolled in classes before March 1 in order to dance during the recital. 

Auditions are held in September for participation in our schools Christmas program: "The Gift".  There are roles for the smallest children on up through our advanced classes. Audition dates are posted on our school calendar. 

We also offer a dance ensemble for our upper division ballet students to learn how to use dance in ministry.  Students who are accepted into the Surrendered School Dance Ensemble will dance at retirement centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other opportunities throughout the season. 

Do you offer adult classes?

Adults are more than welcome to come dance with us!  While we do not offer a beginning adult ballet class, adult dancers may participate in the level that is appropriate for them.   If you have questions about which class you should try, please call us or stop by the studio.  After your first class the instructor can help find the right class for your abilities. 

Where is a good place to purchase dance wear for my child's classes?

There are many good local dance stores; however, we have found that offers some of the best prices and they carry all of the required items for our students.  If you use our school code: 34978 you will receive 8% off of your first order.  Please enter the code each time that you shop.  Our school will receive 10% of your order in credit that we can use for purchasing dance wear for recitals and our parent ministry Paradosi Ballet Company.

I don't know how to do a ballet bun.  Can you help?

Certainly! Please visit the following link for step-by-step instructions:  How to make a ballet bun

Can my child take pointe class?

Pointe classes are by teacher placement only.  If a child starts on pointe before they have developed enough both physically and in ballet technique they risk serious injury to their bodies.  If your student is new to Surrendered School of Dance, they will need to be evaluated by our instructors  before they are allowed to enroll in a pointe class. 

All prices for classes listed on our website and in literature are the suggested minimum donation for classes.  If you are having difficulty paying the requested amount please speak with us.