Paradosi Ballet Company

Paradosi Ballet Company

Through the arts we will

Worship God, Love People, Share the Gospel, 

and Make Disciples of Jesus Wherever We Go!

Paradosi is a full-time Christian ministry that utilizes dance as a ministry tool for evangelism and to lead worship!  As a ministry, we feel called to go to go wherever and to whomever God is calling us to share the good news of Jesus. We feel honored and humbled that God would use us as instruments of His love to partner with Him in this unique ministry.   We look forward to seeing what doors will be opened for us to share in the season ahead so that we may win more for Him!

Dance As A Ministry Tool

The arts have the ability to cross social, economic, and language barriers like no other medium.  When Paradosi dances on the platform people stop, listen, and often start asking questions; questions that will change their life forever.  

Whether we are dancing on a street corner or in a church, people want to know.. Why?  They want to know where this joy is coming from that they are seeing on the stage. They want to know what this peace is that they are experiencing.  They want to know why the tears are streaming down their faces. They want to know if we truly believe the message that was shared from the platform. They simply want to know more.  

When the questions are asked, the door is opened for us to share who Christ is, what He has done in our lives, and what He has done for them.    We want to reach people for God and He has given us this beautiful and powerful tool of dance to quiet peoples minds making room for the Holy Spirit to enter so that they will hear His message of hope. 

Dance In Worship

Our God is the greatest creator, the greatest artist, that ever was and will be!! There is something about the pure beauty of movement, the gift of life given by our creator that we can surrender back to Him in praise!  Our Heavenly Father created us to worship!  When we are able to utilize all that we have; our hearts, minds, voices, and movement in worship we can give back to God all of the joy that He has first given us!

There is precedence for utilizing dance in worship in the Bible but at some point, this expression was no longer welcomed in many churches.   We want to recapture excellence in the arts for Christ and to give back to Him the best of what we can do in praise for who He is and what He has done.  It is our hope that congregations will not view this as a performance but rather as an opportunity to worship God alongside side us and to perhaps look at the gifts that they have and return them back to God as an act of worship.