Living Hope • 2020

The dancing in this video was recorded during our last full worship program on our Spring West Coast Tour before the stay at home orders were put into place.  We hope that this video and its message will be a blessing to you and a reminder of the Hope that we have in Jesus!  Thank you for joining us in this time of worship!


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Support the Ministry During Covid-19

During this season the entire world is being effected by this pandemic emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially.  There are many needs in the world right now and as we pray for our ministry partners we need your prayers and support as well during this season.  

Our annual budget relies heavily upon school tuition, recital tickets, and our summer dance intensive to ensure that our basic expenses are covered.  Without these activities running as normal this year we are being faced with a shortfall in our budget.  We have cut our operations to the absolute minimum with our staff having already volunteered many hours to keep the ministry moving forward during this season. 

As of today, July 10, 2020, we are still in Phase 2 of reopening in Washington State and we will not be able to resume teaching or rehearsing all together as a ministry until we reach Phase 3 which may not come until this fall.  The performing arts and fitness centers will be some of the last segments of the population to return to normal operations in our state. 

We have already seen some amazing generosity come through but we are still facing an estimated $2,000 per month shortfall in our budget until we can resume operations. 

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in ministry during this season to ensure that we can continue to meet our obligations and may resume normal operations as quickly as possible when it is safe to do so.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Grace & Peace,

Jeff & Larissa Bischoff

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CARES ACT - Tax Deduction Opportunity!


Did you know that a provision was made in the CARES ACT that will allow you to make a donation to nonprofits such as Paradosi for up to $300 as an individual or $600 as a Married Couple Filing Jointly even if you take the Standard Deduction?!?  This provision in the CARES ACT will allow you to take the Standard Deduction on your 2020 Taxes and STILL DEDUCT YOUR GIFT to the ministry!

Please take advantage of this opportunity to help this ministry during the pandemic!