Brooke Rush

Senior Apprentice

Junction City, Oregon

Brooke grew up dancing at Junction City School of Dance and Hosanna Dance in Eugene, Oregon. As a student, she was encouraged in her training to worship God through dance. Brooke attended Paradosi’s summer intensive twice, and each time felt the Lord pursuing her and softening her heart. It was during these intensives that she felt led to move to Tacoma and use her dance training to worship the Lord and lead others to experience Him. After graduating high school, Brooke moved to Tacoma to train in Paradosi’s school, Surrendered School of Dance. After two years in the school, Brooke auditioned for and was accepted into the Paradosi Ballet trainee program. 

Brooke is so excited to see the dreams that the Lord planted in her heart years ago come to fruition, and continue to use dance as a way to glorify God and to share how the Lord has worked in her life. Her desire and prayer for her time with this ministry is that people would be moved and hearts would be softened, just as hers was, by the power and goodness of the Father’s love.