Mission Europe 2024 - Postponed

Thank you to everyone who has given towards our next international outreach tour! We are grateful for every gift that we have received and your belief in the call that this ministry has to use the arts around the world to reach more for Jesus! 

We have now passed our April fundraising deadline for securing airfare, train tickets, insurance, and prepaid housing expenses.  While we have raised a significant portion of what is needed for us to go, we still have more to raise in order to meet our minimum needs with expenses going up each week.   After much prayer, meetings with ministry partners in Europe, and consulting our Board of Directors, we feel that this is not the summer for us to go overseas.  This was not an easy decision to make but we feel that God has made it clear that we are not to go this summer and He has given us peace with this decision.  

Next International Tour

While this summer is on hold, we want you to know that we will be returning to Europe and any gifts that you have given to the ministry in support of this years tour will remain in our Missions Fund until our next outreach tour.  These gifts are held in a separate interest bearing savings account from all of our other funds and will be used for the designated purpose.  We will continue to fundraise from now until our next tour to ensure that we will have the resources needed when the time comes for us to go! 

If you have given in honor of a member of the ministry, rest assured that we will be taking the same team of dancers the next time we tour in Europe and what you have given in their name will go towards their individual fundraising goals.

We need your help to go!

If you feel called to support of our next tour, please send a gift either online or by mail earmarked for our Missions Fund.  We need to raise a minimum of $13,000 more before February of 2025 to fund a month of ministry overseas. 

We are grateful for your support and want to thank you again for your belief in this ministry and what we are called to do!

With heartfelt gratitude in Christ, 

Jeff and Larissa


Why use the arts in evangelism?

The arts have the ability to cross cultural, social, language, and economic boundaries like no other medium.  The people of Europe have an immense appreciation for the arts and artists who practice their craft well.  When Paradosi is dancing in worship on the streets during outreach events, there is a noticeable change in the atmosphere that causes many to stop, watch and listen.  People often do not understand the peace and joy that they are seeing and feeling. Some have broken down in tears while others have started to ask questions; questions that will change their life forever.  

Paradosi frequently shares the Gospel in Europe during major arts festivals along side local churches, missionaries, and para-church organizations in the Gospel work that they are already doing.  We have seen the impact of these outreach events and are excited to be a part of the work that God is doing in Europe to call His people back to Him!!!  

While our primary international focus has been in Europe, we are open to going to wherever God is calling us to share His message of Hope. 

Why Europe? Why now? Why Ballet?

Download a copy of our Global Evangelism Information & Support Packet to learn more about why we feel called to share the hope of Jesus in Europe this summer. 

DOWNLOAD • Europe Information & Support Packet


A Call to Evangelism

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation!"

Mark 16:15


International Outreach Tours

  • 2010 • Team | France | Laying the foundation
  • 2011 • Company | France
  • 2012 • Company | France
  • 2013 • Team | France
  • 2014 • Team | France
  • 2015 • Company | France & Switzerland
  • 2019 • Company | France & Switzerland
  • 2022 • Team | France, Switzerland, Germany & Austria
  • 2023 • Company | France, Belgium & Switzerland
  • 2025 • TBD

Missions Fund

Donations made to the missions fund are held in a separate interest-bearing savings account from the ministries other resources.  Gifts made to this fund will be held in the account until needed to cover expenses associated with international outreach.  In the event that a tour is cancelled or postponed, any gifts that have been received will remain in the missions fund until the next tour.