Why use the arts in evangelism?

The arts have the ability to cross cultural, social, language, and economic boundaries like no other medium.  The people of Europe have an immense appreciation for the arts and artists who practice their craft well.  When Paradosi is dancing in worship on the streets during outreach events, there is a noticeable change in the atmosphere that causes many to stop, watch and listen.  People often do not understand the peace and joy that they are seeing and feeling. Some have broken down in tears while others have started to ask questions; questions that will change their life forever.  

We feel that now is the time to proclaim the name of Jesus more boldly than ever to the nations!  We feel called to travel more often and to more places to share the love, hope, and beauty of Jesus through the gifts that He has given us in dance!

Paradosi frequently shares the Gospel in France and Switzerland during major arts festivals along side local missionaries and international church partners.  We have seen the impact of these outreach events and are excited to be a part of the work that God is doing in Europe to call His people back to Him!!!  

While our primary international focus has been in Europe, we are open to going to wherever God is calling us to share His message of Hope. 


A Call to Evangelism

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation!"

Mark 16:15


International Outreach Tours

  • 2011 • Team | France
  • 2012 • Company Outreach Tour | France
  • 2013 • Team | France
  • 2014 • Team | France
  • 2015 • Company Outreach Tour | France & Switzerland
  • 2019 • Company Outreach Tour | France & Switzerland
  • 2022 • Team | France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria
  • 2023 • Company Outreach Tour | (Locations to be Announced)