Throughout the ministries history we have had the privilege to tour internationally sharing the hope of Jesus through the arts.  In 2020 we had planned a return trip to Europe but those plans came to an abrupt halt when the world shut down due to the pandemic.  As restrictions are slowly being lifted around the world we are praying about opportunities during the summer  of 2022!   We have already been in contact  with many of our  partners and they are excited to have us join they in sharing God's love next summer if we are able to return. 

If God makes a way for us to go, we will return!  We do not have a set itinerary yet but plan to continue serving along side the churches, missionaries, and missional organizations that we have relationships with in France and Switzerland while looking for new opportunities to sharing the hope of Jesus.  We miss our partners in ministry and look forward to rejoining them in their kingdom work!

Any gifts allocated to our Missions Fund are set aside to cover our overseas work.  As we had already started our fundraising for our  2020 tour, we will not need to raise as much for this tour!   Our goal for our next tour is to raise a minimum of $24,000 in support to cover a month of ministry for our team.   Your gifts will be used for housing, meals, airfare, ground transportation, and outreach materials for distribution. 

Please prayerful consider partnering with us financially as we prepare to head back out to declare the name of Jesus to the world

Special Giving Goal: $24,000 

Amount Raised as of 12/01/2021: $11,500.55*

*We need to raise a minimum of $16,000 by March of 2022 in order to send a partial team.

Why use the arts in ministry?

We have found that the arts have the ability to cross cultural, social, language, and economic boundaries like no other medium.  The people of Europe, especially in France, have an immense appreciation for the arts and artists who practice their craft well.  When Paradosi is dancing during outreach events, there is a noticible change in the atmosphere that causes many to stop, watch and listen.  They don't understand the peace and joy that they are seeing and feeling.  Many have broken down in tears while others have started to ask questions; questions that will change their life forever.  We feel so privileged to be used by God to make room inside people for the Holy Spirit to open their hearts to hear the life giving and life changing message of the hope that we have in Jesus.  

During Paradosi's existence we have had the privilege to stand next to our brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world proclaiming the good news of Jesus to the world!!!   We feel that now is the time to proclaim the name of Jesus more boldly than ever.  We feel called travel more often and to more places reaching the lost for Him through the gifts that He has given us in dance. 

During our history, Paradosi has had the opportunity to share the Gospel in France and Switzerland during major summer arts festivals in Avignon • France, Montreux • Switzerland, and Paris • France!  We have seen and experienced the impact that street ministry teams have first hand and we are excited to be a part of the work that God is doing in Europe to call His people back to Him!!!  We hear the call and we will go when the season is right! Please be praying for us as we navigate where and when we are to go to share the hope of Jesus through the arts!!


A Call to Evangelism

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation!"

Mark 16:15