Ballet Ministry Apprentice Program


Paradosi Ballet Company's Apprentice Program is a two-year ballet training and discipleship program that will challenge dancers artistically, technically, and in their spiritual growth!  

Paradosi's program is different from other Christian ballet trainee programs as it offers dancers a fully immersive ballet apprenticeship approach to training verses a stand alone trainee program that is separate from the company. 

Our goal is to help dancers to grow in a nurturing environment focused on their personal growth as a dancer and in their understanding of God and relationship with Him.  

Under the direction of Artistic Director, Larissa Bischoff, dancers will train and minister with the Company Members of Paradosi while receiving more focused instruction and feedback as they continue to grow.   During their time with the ministry, dancers will put what they are learning into immediate practice through outreach performances throughout the season. 

Dancers in the program continue to refine their ballet technique, develop further artistry, learn, rehearse and share company repertoire through outreach and worship opportunities, learn how to teach dance in a Christian environment through our Teacher Assistant Training Module in our dance school, receive prayer ministry training, evangelism training, and gospel focused theological training through our cohort with Western Seminary leading to ministry certificates.  Dancers with an interest may also have opportunities to grow as choreographers and to learn more about the administrative end of running a dance studio and ministry. 

What you will gain!

Dancers in the Ballet Ministry Apprentice Program will gain new skills, confidence, and have opportunities to share their faith through their chosen art-form of Dance!  

Throughout the program dancers will: 

  • Grow deeper in their faith
  • Have Performance Opportunities
  • Continue to refine their Technique
  • Continue to refine their Artistry
  • Receive Prayer Ministry Training
  • Receive Evangelism Training
  • Earn Ministry Training Certificates
  • Receive Dance Teacher Training
  • Have opportunities to develop choreography skills
  • Travel Opportunities (by invitation)

Dancers who have completed the program have gone on to serve with Paradosi full-time, joined other ballet companies, become dance teachers, studio directors, and studio owners. 

Mission, Vision, & 

Statements of Faith

Everything that we do as a ministry seeks to glorify Jesus and to make Him known.  As Paradosi is a Faith-Based Ministry, we encourage you to read our mission, vision and values to see if they are in line with your heart and what God is calling you to do in the season ahead!

What We Believe

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To learn more about the audition process, frequently asked questions, and more information about living and training in Washington, please visit the Audition page via this link! 

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