• Brad Grasley

    Senior Pastor

    Abundant Life Community Church

    Orting, Washington

    "Paradosi not only takes your breath away, but lifts your spirit in worship to God. From the music selection to the choreography, their routines glorify God in a way I have never seen. We love having Paradosi visit our church! Both men and women, young and old, enjoy their performances. They have a heart to glorify God whether it is a production or a worship set."

  • Chad McNatt



    "The way in which Paradosi Ballet Company led our elementary and secondary chapel times was a beautiful, worshipful, and tasteful expression of God's heart for us and the victory we have in Christ. I would highly recommend PBC for any Christian school desiring to make an impact on their staff and students through the worship arts."

  • Art Collins

    Friends of France

    A Ministry of Youth With A Mission

    "I have never witnessed a ministry that has been as effective in both attracting and maintaining the interest of the people of France as Paradosi Christian Ballet. Both their excellence in dance, as well as their ability to draw people to the Lord in worship, is a powerful experience to watch. Indeed they are redeeming the arts for the Lord in a nation where the arts have supplanted the Lord! But not only is their ministry drawing people to Christ both Nationally and Internationally, their very lives are a powerful witness of the love of Christ. 

    Their integrity and character back their message, so whether they are dancing before the Lord, or, simply sharing their lives with others, Christ is being honored. It is a privilege to watch the way the Lord is using this ministry and I know He will be expanding their ministry in the years ahead."

  • Pastor Philippe Chaudon

    Center Protestant Evangélique Les Sources

    Avignon, France

    “We are very proud, touched, honored, and encouraged by Paradosi’s presence. They bring a certain artistic expertise to the street performances and that allows us to get the young people from our church and other churches trained so we can all go out together to share.  With all this, the Holy Spirit is pleased through this group to touch these people*.”  

    *(The people of France)

  • David Cooper

    Worship &  Connections Pastor

    Highland Baptist Church

    Redmond, ORegon

    "It was our privilege to host Paradosi Ballet again for a second time. Our people were excited to have them return because of the amazing worship performances the first time around. The second time was even better! Paradosi is professional, praise and worship oriented, and purposefully glorifying God in their dance, their conduct, and their presence. They are hard working, flexible to changing circumstances and a joy to work with".

  • Roger Archer

    Senior Pastor

    Motion Church

    Puyallup, Washington

    "How does the church embrace the arts while accommodating balance? Paradosi has managed to achieve this symmetry. Paradosi has captured the unique ability to embrace the creative while not alienating the mainstream, in short "They get the church!". 

  • Angela Gifford

    Women’s Ministry • Real Life Ministries

    Post Falls, Idaho

    “We absolutely LOVED having Paradosi! We planned this event with the purpose in mind of having an environment where our church women could invite their unsaved friends to hear the gospel in a unique way. We know that happened. What we were surprised by (in a very pleasant way) is the way it led our people to worship in a whole new way. We really saw it open their eyes to a form of worship they had never experienced before. ”

  • Jay Forde 

    Associate Executive Director

    Church For All Nations

    Tacoma, Washington

    "Paradosi Ballet Company was a tremendous blessing for the more than 800 people that came to Church for All Nations to watch you perform. Your professionalism and artistry were not only appreciated, but more importantly used by God as evidenced by the many, many people who came forward for prayer at the end. Thank you!"

  • Anthony Foster

    Worship Pastor

    East Hill Church

    Gresham, Oregon

     "Paradosi, beyond expectation both onstage and off. This troupe has been a blessing! Their love for God and their worship of Him through dance comes through in a powerful way. Each dance is full of creativity and communicated in a way that mere words never could." ~Heidi Todd Assistant to District Supervisor Foursquare Northwest District "Their sacrifice and offering ministered to our people like you wouldn't believe!"

  • Keith & Kathy Thibodeaux

    Executive and Artistic Directors

    Ballet Magnificat! 

    Jackson, Mississippi

    "It's our pleasure and privilege to recommend Paradosi. This is a group of very special dancers who love Jesus and who have been called to use their gifts and talents to honor Him. To love the Lord and to truly share His love is truly the heartbeat of Paradosi and we know so many lives will be touched through this powerful ministry."