Chloe Baas


Hudsonville, Michigan

Chloe was raised in a small town in Michigan where her love for dance started while she was participating in theatre productions. She then began pursuing dance formally at For His Glory Ballet in Allendale, Michigan where she continued to train throughout her schooling. It was through this studio that Chloe fell in love with using dance to worship the Lord. While continuing her own training, Chloe was given an opportunity to teach younger students where she was able to share her passion for worshipping through dance with the next generation.

After high school, Chloe was looking for opportunities to dance with a Christian dance company closer to her home. When she was auditioning with these companies, God made it clear that the answer was no but when she auditioned for Paradosi, He gave her peace during the audition process. Deep down she knew that the Lord was calling her to minister with Paradosi and she joyfully accepted an offer to train with the ministry. Chloe has an insatiable desire to share the Gospel using the gift of dance that God has given to her and is excited to see what the Lord has planned for her in this next season!