Jeff Bischoff

Executive Director

Jeff has been a lifelong artist, entrepreneur, and devout follower of Christ. He joined Paradosi in January of 2012 as a volunteer filling needs within the ministry as the Creative Director and Director of Operations before accepting the position of Executive Director in late 2015. 

While serving in a Christian ballet company is the last place that Jeff thought that he would end up, he knows that this is exactly where he is supposed to serve. All of his seemingly unrelated life experiences in the arts, business, and ministry did not make sense until he began his service with Paradosi where these skills have been put to use for the glory of God. 

Jeff loves this ministry and seeing how the Lord uses the artistry and testimonies of its members to reach the lost through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jeff's heart is to see Paradosi being used to reach the lost, encourage believers, and to build up the next generation of artists in the hopes that they will use their gifts to glorify God. Jeff is excited for the future and seeing how the Lord will continue to use this ministry to grow His kingdom!